turks_caicos_flag Turks and Caicos


The Turks and Caicos Islands are a group of twenty tropical islands lying 930km (575 miles) southeast of Miami. As an English-speaking British Crown protectorate, the UK is obliged to ensure the political stability of the islands.

The Islands have no tax treaties under which information may be exchanged with other jurisdictions and they have no direct taxation in the form of income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and/or gift tax.

The official currency of the Islands is the US Dollar and there are no exchange controls.

The Turks And Caicos Exempt Company

Exempt companies automatically receive a "Certificate of Guarantee against Future Taxation" signed by the Governor of the Islands. This Certificate guarantees that an exempt Company will not be subject to taxation in the Turks and Caicos for a period of 20 years beginning at the date of incorporation. The Certificate also guarantees that no tax will be levied on the shares in the Company for the same period.

Exempt companies enjoy both a tax-exempt status and minimal disclosure and administrative burdens, but must sign a declaration that the business of the Company will be carried on exclusively outside the Islands.

The following are the main features and advantages associated with the Turks and Caicos Exempt Company:

The standard Share Capital for a Company is USD $5000 divided into 5,000 shares of USD $1 each. The Stamp Duty costs for this Share Capital is included in our fees below:

Introductory Fees

Provision Of A Turks And Caicos Company GBP £800.00

Inclusive of the following:

Annual Licence, Registered Office And Registered Agent Fee

Annual Domiciliation Fee GBP £800.00

Inclusive of the following:

Optional Ancillary Services

Provision of a Corporate Director GBP £300.00
Provision of a Nominee Shareholder GBP £100.00
Change of Company Name GBP £150.00
Power of Attorney duly Notarised and Apostilled GBP £200.00
Certificate of Good Standing GBP £150.00
Certificate of Incumbency GBP £100.00
Notarisation and Apostille of documentation GBP £75.00
Opening of bank account GBP £250.00
Courier disbursement GBP £50.00