Residency in Gibraltar - Category 2 Individual Status

Who is eligible for Category 2 Individual Status?

What are the advantages of Category 2 Individual Status?

Documentation to be presented before Licensing Authority together with the individual's initial application

Further documentation to be presented to the Gibraltar Immigration Department for the issuing of a Gibraltar Identity Card

If a Gibraltar ID Card is required, the following documentation would be required to be presented in person by the applicant individual after a period of about 2 to 3 working weeks from the time that a Category 2 Status Certificate is issued by the authorities:

Our prescribed fee for this service is GBP £450.

What a successful applicant may expect to receive confirming his residency in Gibraltar

Annual Responsibilities of the Category 2 Individual

The cost of our attendance to this service on behalf of the client is GBP £400.


Our full costs for applying for category 2 status (inclusive of the GBP £1000 application fee payable to the government of Gibraltar), is GBP £4000.

In addition to the above we would levy a Retention Fee of GBP £450 per annum as from the end of the first year’s residency, to act as the Category 2 Individual’s representative in Gibraltar to liaise with the Gibraltar Licensing and Tax Authorities and ensure that he is compliant with his annual responsibilities.