Form-A-Link Virtual Office Services

Form-A-Link have formed a relationship with Corp.Sec to provide a new way to forward mail
and faxes and online office facilities.

Welcome to the Internet based method to conduct your business which, at the same time, may allow us to be connected to you via our secure servers.

Please visit our Virtual Office site by clicking on this link (Guest Login) and logging in with username: guest; password: guest. This will enable you to examine the office site on offer as a guest. You may simulate its use and test its functionality but anything you do will remain on the site and be lost when you disconnect. Members will access their Form-A-Link Virtual Office by going direct to where they will be presented with the log on page with the invitation to enter their chosen name and the pin which we shall have allocated to them at the time of their enrolment.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

After you have satisfied yourself about the system, you may decide to take one of our on-line office suites, either for yourself or for your company. What will this give you? As a Guest you will have satisfied yourself about the advantages on offer. But let us summarise as follows:

  1. A secure (encrypted) link between the computer you are using and our servers. Any e-mail you send will be seen to emanate from our servers, not from your computer. The reverse is also true, and e-mails to you will be sent to our server to be stored in your office suite until you access them over the secure link.
  2. Your office suite will have its own e-fax, with an individual fax number in a jurisdiction of your choice. Your faxes will be posted into your on-line office, to be accessed by you wherever you are, whenever you please.
  3. Your on-line office suite will include help functions, document filing, a calendar, a diary and international information services, in addition to e-mail.
  4. We shall be able to contact you in a secure environment over the internet and you will be able to respond. No more letters by post. No more faxes on an open fax machine. Besides fax facilities, we shall be able to scan documents of any sort and send them to you as readily readable files.
  5. Your on-line office will be unobtrusive. You will access it only when convenient.
  6. You will be able to conduct other business and use the document storage for filing your papers.
  7. All this at a cost of a mere GBP £500 per annum, which includes 100mbytes of space.

When you have made a decision let us know. We shall then issue you with the name of your choice and a pin. You are then ready to go and we shall be in instant, secure contact with you at all times.

N.B. The facilities offered by Form-A-Link are designed to complement those services offered to existing clients by Form-A-Co (Gibraltar) Ltd.
However, if you only wish to subscribe to the Form-A-Link service, please contact us for further information on how to proceed.