delaware_flag Delaware

Introductory Fees

Provision Of A Delaware Company GBP £650.00

Inclusive of the following:

Annual Licence, Registered Office And Registered Agent Fee

Annual Domiciliation Fee GBP £500.00 (inclusive of local taxes)


Provision of two Nominee Directors GBP £300.00

The Advantages of Incorporating In Delaware

  1. There is no minimum capital requirement. A corporation can be organised with zero capital if desired
  2. One person can hold the offices of President, Treasurer and Secretary and all the directors. Most importantly there is no requirement to bring other persons into a Delaware Corporation if the owner(s) does not desire it.
  3. There is no corporation income tax for corporations that are formed in Delaware but who do not do business in the state.
  4. A person can operate as the owner of a Delaware corporation anonymously.
  5. One need never visit the state, even to conduct Annual Meetings.
  6. The Delaware Corporation Department welcomes new corporations and is organised to process them usually within 24 hours upon receipt of proper forms and approved company name.
  7. There is no Inheritance Tax on shares of stock held by non-residents.
  8. Corporations can hold stocks, bonds, real and personal property outside the State without limitation as to amount.
  9. Corporations may conduct different kinds of businesses in combination. Delaware corporations may have the broadest type "purpose clause" and any business activity of any kind may be conducted. More than one type of business can be conducted by the same corporation without any changes in the documents filed with the state.
  10. Corporations have perpetual existence as long as annual fees and franchise fees are paid on time
  11. Political stability. The United States has no other country questioning its sovereignty nor is there any likelihood that there will be any changes in either corporate or tax laws that would affect a non-resident of the U.S. who owns a Delaware Corporation.