bvi_flag British Virgin Islands

Introductory Fees

Provision of a B.V.I. Shelf Company GBP £700.00
With an Authorised Share Capital not exceeding US$50,000 @ US$1 each

Total Start-Up Fees Payable GBP £700.00

Annual Licence, Registered Office And Registered Agent Fee

With authorised capital not exceeding US$50,000: all shares having par value:

Licence Fee GBP £550.00
Office/Agent Fee GBP £500.00

Total Annual Fees Payable GBP £1050.00

* N.B. Please note that we require settlement for Start-Up and First Year Fees payable in advance, and that penalties become due on B.V.I. companies
which fail to pay their Annual Licence Fees by the required date.

Optional Extra Services

Provision of Corporate Directors (each per annum) GBP £500.00 pa
Provision of Nominee Shareholders (each per annum) GBP £250.00 pa
Change of Company Name GBP £450.00
Power of Attorney GBP £250.00


The British Virgin Islands are a British Crown Colony comprising a small group of islands located some sixty miles off Puerto Rico. The population is in the region of 10,000. The main commercial centre is the Island of Tortola.

As with the Turks & Caicos Islands, there are no income, capital, gift or estate taxes, and the legal system is based on English Common Law.

The United States Dollar is the official currency and there is no Exchange Control.

No accounts are required for BVI companies, and names can be approved in approximately 3 days. Companies can be formed with only one shareholder and one director. The end word of each company name must include Limited, Corporation, or Incorporated or abbreviations of these words.