Form-A-Co : Alternative Jurisdictions

Please note that given our active presence in Gibraltar, our principal product is the Gibraltar offshore company. However, access to offshore products from alternative jurisdictions is also made simple via our associate offices in Hong Kong, London and Jersey. As a result we boast a whole range of offshore products from a variety of, jurisdictions listed below.

Every jurisdiction listed below requires that the company maintain a Registered Office situated within its territory, and that the affairs of the company are properly conducted and/or managed by way of Board meetings etc. (although these do not necessarily have to be held locally).

In the case of jurisdictions that have adopted IBC (International Business Corporation) legislation, administrative agents may also be appointed who do not necessarily have to be in the country of incorporation, but who ensure that the companies comply with their annual Licence Fee payments and/or act as Company Secretaries for the company.

Please choose an alternative jurisdiction from our list in the menu below:

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